About the Playwright

James Isaiah Gabbe is an author, professional photographer, documentarian, senior partner of CITIZENARTS and co-owner of a communications firm in New York City. MARCH, his first dramatic work, grew out of a desire to understand how civilized, progressive Germany could unleash the monstrous terror and destruction of World War II. His screenplay, Duke, was taken into development by TriStar. His novel, LaRue’s Maneuvers, explores generational conflict and trauma during the Vietnam war. His recently published, critically acclaimed, historical work, The Universe of Union Square, tells in words and nearly 1,000 photos and illustrations the mostly untold and/or lost story of a small piece of a giant city that has had an out-sized impact on the history of New York, America and, in some cases, the world. The recipient of numerous awards for industrial documentaries, Jim recently produced Journey with the Giant, the first film of its type to explain China’s stunning rise from Third-World doldrums to global economic powerhouse. Giant is now being shown at universities and other educational venues in the U.S. and internationally. Forums for his educational documentary, A More–or less–Perfect Union, a reflection on what really unites/divides Americans, are also occurring around the U.S. His documentary To the Mountaintops, an exploration of the coming new nexus of global power, India and China, will be completed in 2017. A former journalist and decorated U.S. Army officer, Jim attended Northeastern University and holds graduate degrees in history and journalism from Brown University and Columbia University, respectively. He was also President of the Union Square Partnership, the nation’s first Business Improvement District, and serves on numerous nonprofit boards and advisory committees. Boundless love to my darling wife, Jill, for her encouragement and support.
































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