Feedback about MARCH from some of the theater industry people who have read the play or attended a reading:

Barbara Zinn Krieger, founder of the Vineyard and New York City Children’s Theater, who called MARCH “extraordinary,” particularly for a first-time effort, and suggested the next step was development with a “topnotch director” who could help take it to the next level.

Sarah Stern, Co-Artistic Director of the Vineyard: “I truly enjoyed reading MARCH. I found it genuinely compelling and that Jim is a natural playwright. He does a great job at creating this world.” (Note: Sarah subsequently organized the first table reading of MARCH at the Vineyard Theatre in June 2010).

Joe Menino, Co-Artistic Director, Phoenix Theatre Ensemble: “Thanks so much for the opportunity to see how far MARCH has come. It’s just amazing and quite wonderful. The comments were overwhelmingly positive and I found the talkback – unlike most talkbacks, which tend to be more ‘look at how smart I am’ comments – very passionate and focused on how well the play told the story it was trying to tell. I hope it was as helpful for you as it was exciting for us. Once again, many thanks, and please pass along our compliments to the cast and crew.”

Andrea York, Theater Producer: “I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the reading of MARCH. I thought it was brilliantly written, extremely provocative and a very important piece for today’s times. Your piece was beautifully layered evoking a whole host of feelings. Part of me wants you to call it SEDUCTION. To me, a great theater piece is when it sticks in your soul and you can’t stop thinking and talking about it. That’s where I am right now. I’m full of your play. Every one of my senses has been touched and they’re all screaming! I’m sure that that is the effect it will have on every one who is lucky enough to see it. Good luck with finding the right producer for it. You need someone who ‘gets’ it; someone who will champion it. You also have wonderful marketing opportunities with this play. All sorts of ideas come to mind. I really feel this could be a ‘must see play.'”

Jeremy Williams, director, “MARCH is impressive in its character development, theatricality and sheer drama — an unusual and remarkable play.” (Note: Jeremy directed subsequent readings of MARCH.)

Craig Smith, co-founder Phoenix Theatre Ensemble and former principal actor Jean Cocteau Repertory: “We are greatly excited about working on MARCH in the near future.”

Kathy Chalfant, winner of multiple Obie Awards as well as Drama Desk, Outer Critics and Lucille Lortell awards: “I read your play on the way home from Christmas – it is splendid and I agree with all the other readers that you should have a public reading of this play as soon as you can get one arranged. The last part of the play is especially fine. Thank you so much for letting me read it and please let me know if I can help in any way.” (Note: Kathy was subsequently in the Vineyard table reading of March and has been in the cast for some readings.)

Malcolm Tulip, professor, University of Michigan Theatre Department: “I found I wanted to keep reading. I wanted to find out what was going to happen. This is good work.”

Susan Schulman, a literary agent who handles dramatic work: “There is a great deal of interesting material in this play. The characters, the setting, the historical context are all filled with potential. Next is the reading. Thank you for the privilege of reading your work.”

Shep Sobel, former Artistic Director, The Pearl Theater: “I’m so glad you sent me your play. It’s quite remarkable. Time for a reading by professionals.”

Michael Augustin, a German who is the literary critic at Bremen Radio: “I am impressed that an American wrote dramatically with perception and truthfulness about a subject that is complicated even for Germans.” Augustin devoted significant time toMARCH to ensure that the play accurately portrays the psychology, culture and language of the German people and is historically correct.

Barry Green, former member of the boards of Arden Theater Company and Primary Stages: “It’s special. It’s interesting, provocative, and I believe it has commercial possibilities.”

Peter Marinos, a veteran Broadway actor who played multiple roles in The Producers from inception to its close: “I was honored to be able to read this play!MARCH is fantastic. I could not put it down.” (Note: Peter has become a member of the cast for several readings.)

Prague Writers’ Festival, , listed excerpts from the play in Cafe’ Central, its Web-based review of poets, novelists and playwrights.







































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