MARCH to Date

MARCH was completed in 2010. The playwright, James Isaiah Gabbe, based the work on a real event — a soiree at the home of the Bechstein family in Berlin in 1921. Jim was assisted in his research by Michael Augustin, literary critic for Bremen Radio, who provided valued input on historical developments and German culture and language.

The play was subsequently read by a number of theater industry and other people (see Feedback). Sarah Stern, co-artistic director of the Vineyard Theatre, organized a private table reading at the Vineyard in the summer of 2010. Shortly thereafter, Craig Smith, a founder of the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, introduced Jim to Jeremy Williams, a director who specializes in new work.

Jim and Jeremy, along with Jill Gabbe, co-principal of Raconteur, a print, digital and theatrical producing company, organized the first staged reading, which occurred in early 2011. This reading was followed by a summer workshop. The Phoenix Theatre Ensemble presented a concert-reading of MARCH in late 2012, in association with Raconteur.

In 2013, the Vineyard Theatre introduced Jim to Erica Gould, a dramaturge and director. Jim and Erica brought together a team of actors in a developmental workshop for MARCH during the summer and early fall of 2013.







































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